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Welcome to The New SCMC Board!   

The results are in! You have spoken and the votes have been counted!

The New Sin City MINI Club Board of Directors are:

Chris Tunison
Julie Preneta
Lisa Surber
Rich Loera
Toni Miller

The New Club Officers are:

Julie Preneta, President
Chris Tunison, Vice-President
Lisa Surber, Secretary
Minako Miller, Treasurer

The Membership Coordinators aka ‘The Swag Hags’ will be Rich Loera and Toni Miller

Many, many thanks to everyone that voted.

Our first order of business? To make the big decision - Is the Club hosting AMVIV9 in 2012?
Be thinking about that - we need to know what YOU want to do!

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2 Responses to “Welcome to The New SCMC Board!”

  1. Agro Says:

    Congrats to the new board & officers!

  2. Chris Tunison Says:

    Thanks Agro!!

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