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SCMC Board of Directors Request for Nominees!   

Sin City MINI Club Members,
The time has arrived to elect a new Board of Directors.

The elections will be a two part process.

First we need to see who is interested in being on the Board this year. You can self-nominate, or if there is someone you would like to nominate, please contact them to ask if they are interested. We will take nominations until Tuesday, May 31. If you don’t have your nominee’s contact information, I can pass along your request to them and find out if they are interested.

Once we have the complete list, the elections will begin. At that time, current members of the Club will be sent a list of the nominees and will be asked to select up to 5 names and to email your official vote to member who is not a nominee. This person will relay the name of the voter to the membership chair who will validate the ballot. You must be a paid member to vote per the by-laws. As some of you might recall, memberships expire every February. There are 34 of you who have not renewed your membership. Some of you volunteered during AMVIV and are due a refund in return for your help during the event. If you would like us to deduct your renewal from this refund or want to know the status of your membership, let us know.

Voting for the Board will be from June 1 through June 10. Winners of the election will be announced that weekend at our annual meeting, date, time and place to be announced later.

So – here it is… the first step. Please send your nominations for the new board to [email protected] no later than May 31.

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