Welcome to The New SCMC Board!

The results are in! You have spoken and the votes have been counted!

The New Sin City MINI Club Board of Directors are:

Chris Tunison
Julie Preneta
Lisa Surber
Rich Loera
Toni Miller

The New Club Officers are:

Julie Preneta, President
Chris Tunison, Vice-President
Lisa Surber, Secretary
Minako Miller, Treasurer

The Membership Coordinators aka ‘The Swag Hags’ will be Rich Loera and Toni Miller

Many, many thanks to everyone that voted.

Our first order of business? To make the big decision - Is the Club hosting AMVIV9 in 2012?
Be thinking about that - we need to know what YOU want to do!

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AMVIV9 in 2012?

We’re holding a Club meeting on Thursday July 14 at 6:30pm where we will collectively determine AMVIV’s future.

Participation is IMPERATIVE!

We have only three topics to discuss at this meeting:

1) If the Club will be hosting AMVIV9 in 2012
2) When it will be held
3) Who will be the principal organizers

So - if you want the Club to move forward with AMVIV9 in 2012, please make room in your schedule and come meet with us. Thursday, July 14, 6:30pm at Connie & Ladd’s Clubhouse.

Hope to see you there!

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MINI Happenings On The Horizon

** Cars & Coffee – Our Monthly Visit is this Saturday, June 4, 9500 S Eastern Ave, Henderson: 8am-11am

** AMVIV Thank You Party – As a special THANK YOU to all the volunteers that helped make AMVIV a success, the Club will be hosting a cookout Saturday, June 4, 2:00pm at John and Pedro’s - let us know if you need the address.

** Wuste 2011 is this weekend at Boulder Station Hotel/Casino. Originally called “Wustefest” (German for “Desert Gathering”), Wuste has quickly become one of the largest gathering of Volkswagen, Audi, and other European enthusiasts in the United States. Wuste2011, the fifth year of the event, is on pace to have more than 3,000 attendees with over 1,000 cars registered for the People’s Choice Show & Shine… where all eligible, everyone can vote, and anyone can win!

Friday evening, June 3, 7pm-11pm: WusteFiesta Pool Party (Boulder Station Pool)

Cost: None! You MUST be wearing a wrist band to enter so Check-In ASAP. If you missed event check-in, we’ll have a table at the entrance to the pool party to get you your wristband.

Saturday, June 4 – 1030am: Mt Charleston Cruise Departs
Saturday 5pm-10pm: Show and Shine Car Show

More details at: http://www.wuste.com/

Again, I am thinking about heading over to check it out either Friday night or Saturday early evening – if you’re wanting to go over as a group, let me know. Yes, there’s a lot going on on Saturday - that’s what weekend’s are for.

** Savage Automotive Group – which is Savage BMW and MINI of Ontario – is having a ‘Battle of the Brands’ car this Sunday, June 5. It will be a BMW vs MINI showdown at MINI of Ontario, 1251 Auto Center Drive, Ontario, CA 8am-2:30pm. The car show is free to enter as long as everyone pre-registers - contact [email protected] for details.

I am planning on heading down there, either late on Saturday afternoon or early Sunday morning, if anyone is interested in going down there together.

** If you’re not headed to Ontario for the Battle of the Brands, Brunch at Shakespeare’s might be a good alternative. 790 Coronado Center Dr, Henderson: 930am-2pm. Don’t forget, Shakespeare’s has an excellent brunch special every Sunday!

** June 18th is our monthly run – we’re headed to the North Shore Road. We’ll meet up at The Cannery, 2121 E Craig Rd, North Las Vegas and head out at 11am. We should make it to Sugar’s Home Plate Restaurant in time for a nice lunch. If you plan to go, please RSVP, so we can have an idea how many are up for lunch.

** On June 19th is the 4th Annual Father’s Day Anthem Country Club Car Show. The Show will be held at Anthem Country Club on the grass at One Club Side Drive, Henderson. Set-up Time is 7:30am - 9:00am. Show Time is 10:00am - 3:00pm. There is No Charge to Displaying Car Owners and Guests. There is a New Ramp for Low Cars Entering the Show Area. There will be Live Music. Food, Beer, and Cocktails will be available. The cars are staged on the lawn between the clubhouse and the golf course. The first cars to arrive at 7:30 can choose spots in the shade. For more information please contact Howard Ickes at 702-429-2386 or [email protected].

This sounds like an excellent event, and should be a great showcase for our MINIs!

** Here’s a Mini festival you might want to check out, if you’re up for a road trip. Mini Meet West is the longest continuously running Mini happening in North America, dating back to 1973. More details: http://minimeetwest2011.com/ Traditionally, a classic Mini event, but there’s a little bit for everyone. The event runs June 22 – June 24 at Beautiful Lake Tahoe.

** Finally… our Monthly Motor-In - This time we’re headed to Deli Den, 6640 North Durango Drive, Las Vegas – Monday, June 27, 6:30pm. Their website boasts “If you are looking for a real New York style deli, we are the place to be!” Are you a skeptic? Me too. Let’s check them out. For more details - http://www.delideninc.com/

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SCMC Vote for Board of Directors

Hello Sin City MINI Club Members,

It’s time to make your opinions known with your vote for the next Board of Directors. The following people have been nominated and agreed to perform the duties if elected:

Karen Day

Rich Loera

Jessica Menz

Toni Miller

Julie Preneta

Lisa Surber

Chris Tunison

Please select up to 5 names and email your official vote to Steve at [email protected]. Steve will relay the name of the voter to the membership chair who will validate the ballot. You must be a paid member to vote per the by-laws. Voting will terminate at midnight on Friday, June 10.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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