SCMC January Run (Saturday, 16 January)

The next couple of clubs runs will be rehearsals for AMVIV events.  For the first run of 2010, SCMC will visit Death Valley and the lowest point in North America (and coincidentally enough only 76 miles from Mt Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous 48 states).  Mike Morine will be leading this run and will depart from the fourth level of the Aliante parking structure at 10 AM (or the third level in case it’s closed).  Timing for the departure is critical to assess traffic prior to the real AMVIV run, so please be on time and ready to go! The following link will show you the planned route on Google maps ( (Read on…)

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SCMC Meeting Minutes

Sin City Mini Club

Board Meeting Minutes: November 19, 2009

6:30pm, Conny & Ladd Pagan’s Clubhouse

Board Members:

Present: Mark Finn, Andrew Ross, Pedro Torres and Julie Preneta

Absent: Paula Moss

Quorum present? Yes

Others Present

Ross Dillon, Conny & Ladd Pagan – SCMC Members

Meeting called to order at 6:45pm by SCMC President, Mark Finn


  • Established a quorum of Board Members present at the meeting, and discussed that the minutes from last meeting were reviewed and approved and are posted on the SCMC Website.
  • Board of Director and Officer openings were discussed
    • Paula Moss resigned her position on the Board of Directors, and Larry Simpson resigned his position as SCMC Vice President.
    • In accordance with Club by-laws, the quorum present agreed to vote for a replacement member for the board of directors and for a new vice president.
    • It was voted and agreed that Ross Dillon take the open seat on the Board of Directors and the open officer position.
    • He agreed to the appointment and is now the replacement member of the Board of Directors and the new Vice-President. It was also agreed that the duties of the Vice President will be shared among the board until the beginning of the year, when his schedule will allow it.
  • Pedro brought in 5000 newly printed business cards for the Club. Cards were distributed to the Board.
    • It was agreed that five cards will be added to new member and member renewal packets, and distributed at Club functions where more members are present.
  • Membership
    • New Membership was discussed. Agro and Pedro noted some deficiencies in the messages generated by the new website. These deficiencies will be brought up with DB so they can be addressed.
    • Again discussed that dues are due for all members at the start of the year – payable anytime after the first of December. Need to announce renewal due date to Club, but will wait on website issues before proceeding.
  • AMVIV Bank Account
    • Discussed and agreed on the option of opening a separate bank account just for AMVIV - linked to the Club account, but with a separate number.
    • Julie agreed to contact Bank of America to open the account.
    • Agreed to transfer $3000 from the Club general account to the new AMVIV account. After AMVIV, if the event is successful or at least breaks even, the $3000 can be transferred back to the main Club account.

Future Business:

  • December 12 Christmas Party is the Club’s next Motor-In – Pedro has received 9 RSVPs so far.
  • Next Club Run will be a Poker Run combined with a Toys for Tots or other charity run – the plan would be to bring donations to the Poker Run and after the Poker Run we’ll drop off the donations. Date to be determined.
  • AMVIV Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, December 3rd 18:30 at Conny & Ladd Pagan’s Club House on Mojave Drive.
  • Determined that a review of the Club’s insurance policy is in order, needs to be done before AMVIV.

Meeting adjourned at 7:49pm.

Minutes submitted by SCMC Secretary, Julie Preneta

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